Nothing embodies New York City quite like the subway. Its an underground microcosm of the city itself, with sights, sounds, diversity and art around every corner. Whether it’s a New Yorker taking their line to work, or a tourist visiting the city for the first time - riding the subway is not only a quintessential NYC experience, it’s a cultural experience.

The subway is what gets us there, with each station connecting riders to the most diverse city on earth. New York City is an absolute cosmopolitan gem, rocking with life, creativity, sport and commerce. From the bright stage of Madison Square Garden, to the grit and hustle of Brooklyn, you’re just one swipe away from a different world.

Within many of the MTA's 472 stations are mosaic tile signs. This unique signage highlights station names, landmarks and other neighborhood attractions. 

We were founded in 2013, with the official license from the MTA to display the mosaics on our apparel. It is our goal to build a brand that pays homage to New York City and the mosaic tile signs designed a century ago. 

We hope you enjoy....